World Steak Challenge Winner

Established in 1965, Kerwee remains under family ownership and continues to be one of Australia’s most modern facilities. Ideally located in the quiet corner of Darling Downs in Queensland, Australia, the lush sloping pastures is the ideal environment for cattle. Kerwee combines the natural advantages of the area famously known for it’s endless supply of high-quality grain and water, with cutting-edge agriculture techniques to produce unparalleled steaks.

Australia’s most awarded grain fed Wagyu is produced by Stockyard Beef, specifically for the American market under the name ‘Kerwee’. The Meat Standards Australia quality systems ensures the level of tenderness, juiciness and flavor meet the high standards of Kerwee so that we can enjoy the finest steaks anywhere in the world.

Cattle welfare is at the forefront of what Kerwee believe in. Operating under strict animal welfare, including the National Feedlot Assurance Scheme (NFAS), cattle are free to enjoy the clean and stress-free environment, while maintaining the surrounding eco-system. The last 400 days is what makes Kerwee beef so sensational. During this time, cattle are fed premium Australian wheat and barley for a slower growth, giving each animal every chance to have a strong bone structure to support their body mass. High quality feeding practice means the muscle fibers are closer together, for more evenly distributed intra-muscular marbling. This is what gives Kerwee beef its signature richness and silky taste.

Kerwee Wagyu truly stands out from the rest.