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Fresh Uni

The wild red sea urchin in Santa Barbara is typically larger & sweeter than the prized Bafun uni in Japan. Cracked, packed, and shipped fresh the same day.

some uni trays are only available for pick-up


Our factory is the premier Santa Barbara uni supplier to Michelin chefs, restaurants, smaller distributors, and home chefs.

Most of the uni you will find in the U.S. isn't fresh because the product sits on a shelf for a long time. Additionally, the uni can pass through multiple retailers before you consume it, resulting in a fishy taste. Only fresh sea urchin retains its ideal sweet flavor, color, and buttery texture.

Our expert divers harvest the wild sea urchins and bring them to our facility. We start by cracking the sea urchins early in the morning. Maruhide's masters carefully select the best uni, pack to order, and ship on the same day it's processed.

We're passionate about serving you the best uni the ocean offers.

Our A+ uni exceeds expectations for uni enthusiasts and premium grade uni is used in Michelin restaurants. We recommend purchasing any in-stock uni and salt-water (ensui) if your order will be shipped. Please check back often as fresh uni sells out daily. Uni Shutou is a popular alternative to our fresh uni

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Bundles & Sushi Kits

Bundles are popular for gifting. Choose between fresh uni or frozen uni in the sushi kits. Check back daily if fresh uni items are out of stock or substitute with frozen uni.

note: wagyu beef and caviar can't be shipped to Japan

free cooler bag included