The Champion Brand

Japan boasts 300+ unique Wagyu brands, with Miyazakigyu standing out for winning the Wagyu Olympics twice (2007 and 2012) and earning the Prime Minister's award.

Miyazakigyu comes from Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. Specifically, it is produced by the Miyachiku co-op, a collective of Wagyu farmers from Miyazaki. This region is known for its dedication to meticulous breeding and care, resulting in the extraordinary quality and exquisite taste that Miyazakigyu Wagyu is renowned for. This Wagyu, derived from Japanese Black Cattle, undergoes meticulous breeding and care to achieve its exceptional marbling.

Miyazaki is one of Japan's top 3 volume producers alongside Kagoshima and Hokkaido. Sought after by sushi chefs and Michelin restaurants, Miyazakigyu's melt-in-your-mouth texture and exceptional value make it a culinary gem.

Miyazakigyu must achieve an A4 grade or higher to distinguish it from the lower-quality Miyazaki Kensan Gyu brand. These two brands significantly differ in quality, taste, consistency, and texture. Miyazakigyu Wagyu is a testament to the dedication of local farmers who have honed their craft over generations.