Ocean To Table

Kaneyo Oyo Suisan is a sea urchin specialist who is committed to traditionally handling only raw sea urchins since its 1997 founding in Nemuro City. Under strict quality, at our specialized sea urchin processing facility, we ship uni throughout the year from Hokkaido waters.

The clean, nutrient region hosts delicacies such as sea urchin, saury, salmon, and sweet Hanasaki crab. These waters produce uni with bright colors and excellent flavor. Michelin Omakase Chefs prized Kaneyo Suisan and quantities are extremely limited. Produced 100% all-natural, without the use of alum or preservatives, so that you can enjoy the original taste of fresh sea urchin right out of the shell

Previously unavailable to US retail, it is now available by pre-order through Maruhide.