santa barbara uni trusted by michelin chefs



cracked, packed, and shipped fresh same day

cracked, packed, and shipped fresh same day in Long Beach, CA

premium uni

wild red sea urchin in Santa Barbara is typically larger and sweeter than the prized bafun uni in Japan.

ocean to table

diver's harvest the live red sea urchin. our refrigerated trucks deliver the live urchins to our factory.

cracked to order

instead of sitting on a shelf, our team cracks live sea urchin fresh to each new order.

meticulous selection

we only sell the best grades on our website. 1000 pounds of sea urchin only yields about 5 trays of premium uni

fast shipping

unmatched freshness by shipping out your order on the same day it's processed, since 1975.

santa barbara uni
trusted by michelin chefs

Valentine's Day

chef-curated kits shipped to your home.
create an unforgettable meal with our easy recipes.

chef-curated kits shipped to your home.
unforgettable meals created by you. easy recipes included.

Uni Pasta Kits

artisan pasta from Italy enjoyed by the Pope paired with our special uni butter

Sushi Kits

world-famous wagyu beef, uni, caviar, and ikura - just add sushi rice

Bundles & Dinner Kits

Bundles are popular for gifting. Choose between fresh uni or frozen uni in the uni pasta and sushi kits. Check back daily if fresh uni items are out of stock or substitute with frozen uni.

note: wagyu beef and caviar can't be shipped to Japan

free cooler bag included

Frozen Uni Products

Stock up your freezer with our popular uni shutou, uni soy sauce, and uni butter products to enjoy uni year round. We use 100% whole pieces of fresh, high-quality Santa Barbara Uni, and our chefs enrich the umami taste.

multiple flavors, long shelf-life, and popular gifting item


Shutou can be enjoyed in many ways as a garnish, in sushi, or by itself. We use 100% whole Santa Barbara uni. We marinate the fresh uni in a kelp-based (kombu) soy sauce to enrich the umami taste. Our Shutou is served in JAL first class as an hors d’ouvre and is often compared to caviar. Our clients stock their freezers with the different Shutou products.

Our 2nd highest grade of uni which exceeds expectations for uni enthusiasts. This frozen uni is a popular substitute when the 5 Pocket Tray fresh uni is out of stock.

We marinate the fresh uni with our original stock soy sauce mixture. We mature the blend overnight to bring out rich, deep umami, and flavorful taste. Sea urchin soy sauce can be enjoyed in many ways, including sashimi, pasta, tofu, salad, steamed rice, and more.

A delicious way to add a balance of sweet, buttery, and briny flavor to your dishes. Our butter uses high quality Santa Barbara uni and is made up of 50% uni. Use the uni butter on bread, pasta, tofu, seafood, sushi, and more.

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Frozen Uni

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